1.4410 uns s32750 2507 öljy- ja kaasuteollisuudessa käytetty kuusiokoloruuvi

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Nro 98-1,4410 UNS S32750 2507 putkistopistokkeen kuusiokoloruuvi, jota käytetään öljy- ja kaasuteollisuudessa

Tuotteen Kuvaus

2507/UNS S32750/1.4410:


C≤0.03 ,Si≤0.80 ,Mn≤1.2 ,Cr:24-26 ,Ni:6-8 ,S≤0.02 ,P≤0.035 ,Mo:3-5 ,N:0.24-0.32

Physical property

SAF 2507 has high compressive strength, impact strength and low thermal expansion coefficient and high thermal conductivity. These characteristics are applicable to many structural parts and mechanical parts of the.SAF 2507 high impact strength, for a long time in the environment of F is higher than the temperature of 570 degrees, this may weaken its toughness. The tensile strength of o b = 730Mpa; elongation: 8 = 20%


Pulp and paper industry, desalination, flue gas purification, heat exchangers, chemicals, liquid carriers, piping systems, seawater systems, etc..


3.1 Certi;ISO ;Mil Certi;CNAS;IAF


Alkuperäpaikka: Jiangsu, Kiina (Manner)
Tuotemerkki: QFC, HPF
Model Number: DIN931/B18.2.1
Product name: 1.4410 UNS S32750 2507 pipe plug socket hex plug
Size:M30 plug 3/8 plug 1-1/2 plug m20 plug m17 pipe plug
2507 hex flange bolt:China gold manufacturer 1" High pressure S32750 suqare plug
S32750 bent bolt: S32750 threaded hex head plug
1.4410 U bolt: S32750 hexagon head pipe plug
2507 eye bolt: F53 2507 S32750 1.4410 forged socket threaded plug union insert
S32750 flat washer: S32750
2507 socket head screw: 1.4501 hexagon head pipe plug
1.4410 machined flange: 1.4410
2507 machined flange: 2507